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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out of the Nook

Well hello world!

I speak to you as a woman with a different name but but don't you fret- my initials are still the same.
This is a random memory: I remember I went to Disney (I think it was with the Giffords) and I looked at the Disney castle and I thought "I wonder if my intials will change when I get married. It'd be cool if it started with M so my initials would be MGM but if we had the same initials, then I'd have the same initials, MGS, which would still be cool as well."

Anyways, there's sooooo much to catch up with and honestly, I probably won't be able to write it all and if I do, you'd probably just skim over this blog then instead of actually reading (assuming that you actually read this of course) hehe.

The Simpson Newlyweds

MARRIED LIFE is the bomb-diggity! That might be a cliche but it really is an awesome experience.
Not too long ago, I ran into Stephen D., a high school friend of mine at Michaels. He claims he had a childhood craving and was looking for "wooden plane" he can setup. Anyways, we chatted for a bit and marriage was brought up. He said that he couldn't believe I was married and that he can't see himself being married anytime soon. Of course, I protested, "Why not? It's the most joyful thing. I recommend it to everyone!" He looks at me with a grin and said, "Right, because you have such an experience being married for only a month" My point is, marriage can be a scary thing actually it is a scary thing- it's one of the biggest decisions in your life but in reality, once you've se your heart and figured out the right reasons why you want to marry, it can really be a BLISSFUL experience. And although, Brian I have only been married for almost 2 months, we know we still have LOTS to learn but if we put the Lord in the center of our lives and live each day with a purpose of loving each other more, then I know that we can make it!

Brian and I have been MIA since the wedding and we even hardly see our families. But I think we're gradually coming out of our nook. So world, please be nice :)