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Friday, January 13, 2012

MOVING to a new bloggity

One of my 2012 New Year's Resolution is to re-start a fresh new blog and actually keep up with it. I would love it if you guys will still follow me :) Here's the link to my new site. See ya later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Date Nights

                  Even when Brian and I were just dating, we've tried to have Date Nights once a week and it usually falls on either Friday or Saturday. Now that we're married, I feel that it is more crucial to have DATE NIGHTS!
                   I have always loved date nights. I like planning it and I love when Brian gets to plan it. I love figuring out what we will do and how I can somehow surprise Brian. Brian is a pretty simple guy. He figures out what we're going to do and tells me about it- no surprises whatsoever. Just the fact that Brian plans some of our date nights is already a pretty big deal and I appreciate all his efforts. But, there's always that hopeless romatic side of me :)

This Friday is our ward Halloween activity and we can count it as our date night but I want to go on an actualy date with my hubby on Saturday. Instead of me looking for ideas every single time, I thik it's time that I gather all the ideas and put it all in one area.

  1. Go to a concert- even try the local bands.
  2. Go to a comedy show.
  3. Dinner and stargaze (outside or planetarium).
  4. Brunch and matinee.
  5. Drive in movie.
  6. Bubble bath fo two. Candles. Sparkling juice.
  7. Dinner cruise.
  8. Go to a jazz club.
  9. Play a game of Twister.
  10. Have a picnic.Outside or even on your carpet.
  11. Go camping.
  12. Make something out of scratch like pizza or cookies.
  13. Cook/ bake something and give it to a friend/ stranger.
  14. Play scrabble.
  15. Museums.
  16. Paint fight. Food fight. Water fight. Mud fight.
  17. Play basketball or tennis.
  18. Hit a local arcade like Latitude 30 or Dave & Busters.
  19. Work out together.
  20. Fly a kite.
  21. Sign up for a class together. Cooking/ Pottery/ Kickboxing/ Ballroom dancing class or something. Check local colleges.
  22. Indoor climbing.
  23. Go to a fair.
  24. Hang out at the park. Feed the ducks. Make paper boats and race them down.
  25. Play Frisbee.
  26. Ride a tandem bike.
  27. Get up early or stay up all night to watch the sunrise.
  28. Kissing challenge: 100  kisses in 3 hours.
  29. Climb a tree together.
  30. Take a test drive of a fun sports car.
  31. Head to the batting cage.
  32. Head to the bowling alley.
  33. Horseback riding.
  34. Get a bike and bike together.
  35. Have a bonfire and s'mores.
  36. Play paintball.
  37. Hit the golf-ball driving range.
  38. Play darts and billards.
  39. Book a spa & massage place together.
  40. Take a helicopter or hot air balloon ride.
  41. Bed and breakfast.
  42. Go hiking.
  43. Go to an aquarium.
  44. Take walks.
  45. Visit St Augustine.
  46. Make a time capsule. Open in 5 years and add more things to it then open it back in 10 years.
  47. Visit public library.
  48. Explore flea market.
  49. Write Jared/ missionaries.
  50. Go to wedding reception of someone you don't know.
  51. Donate blood/ plasma together.
  52. Be kids again. Play hopscotch, order happy meals, etc.
  53. Put together an obstacle course.
  54. Surprise candlelight dinner/ secluded picnic.
  55. Give husband coupon for masage.
  56. Write a message with lipstick on your bathroom mirror.
  57. U-pick farms. Pick fresh fruits together dresh out of tree/ bush!
  58. Attend local high school musical.
  59. Heart attack.
  60. Post it attack.
  61. Chalk attack.
  62. Visit art galleries.
  63. Volunteer together.
  64. Clean/ wash car together. Do chores together.
  65. Have a joke night. Search and print some jokes from book or online. Pick a place like a park, the mall, beach, flower garden. Have a treat while exchanging jokes and funny stories.
  66. Visit Jacksonville Landing.
  67. Visit the Zoo or the Gardens.
  68. Learn how to skate again.
  69. Have an ice cream sculpting contest.
  70. Play laser tag.
  71. Start at your date's house. Before you get to an intersection, flip the coin. Heads you turn right; tails you turn left. Use this technique to decide where to go to dinner (you stop at the first restaurant as determined by the flip of a coin).

Ideas on How to Ask Someone on a Date

  1. Send the following note: Genesis 2:18 reminds us that, "It is not good that a man should be alone..." "Would you join for the next week's dance?"
  2. Give a recording to you potential date with a note that says "Your mission should you decide to take it, is to find the coded message. This message will destruct after you have listened to it." Copy a ton of boring songs onto the tape and in the middle of it somewhere, ask him/her out. Make sure he/she has to listen to a lot of music before finding your message.
  3. Buy DOZENS of "Swedish Fish" gummy candies, (individually wrapped) and put them all over his/her room. (I don't mean just a couple, I'm talking he/she'll be having fishes turn up in odd places MONTHS after the dance.. in drawers, between sheets, in shoes, etc.) Make a poster decorated with fish that says: "If fishes were wishes and you had three, Would one of them be to go to the dance with me?"
  4. Make a large message with sidewalk chalk on his/her street. Draw a path and put a word about every 25 feet. Call and ask them to take a walk outside and follow the path. Use your best voice disguise.
  5. Go out to his/her car while he/she is in class or at work and fill the car with balloons. Include a note or a posterboard, asking him/her out.
  6. Write your message with each word of the message on a separate piece of paper. Put each piece inside a balloon, and leave the balloons for your potential date with the message "your invited to a popping good time. Pop all the balloons for the details."
  7. Get a small cake pan and fill it with water. Laminate your message, and when the water is partly frozen, put the it in the middle. When it is frozen, frost it to look like a cake. They will try to eat it and will have to wait for it to melt. :)
  8. Fill the room with blue balloons only, and leave a poster that says, "If you want to go to ________, send me a blue balloon, if not, send me the yellow balloon." Make sure you don't leave any yellow balloons!
  9. Tie bananas to a tree and attach a note saying I'd go bananas if you will go to the dance with me.
To be continued....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out of the Nook

Well hello world!

I speak to you as a woman with a different name but but don't you fret- my initials are still the same.
This is a random memory: I remember I went to Disney (I think it was with the Giffords) and I looked at the Disney castle and I thought "I wonder if my intials will change when I get married. It'd be cool if it started with M so my initials would be MGM but if we had the same initials, then I'd have the same initials, MGS, which would still be cool as well."

Anyways, there's sooooo much to catch up with and honestly, I probably won't be able to write it all and if I do, you'd probably just skim over this blog then instead of actually reading (assuming that you actually read this of course) hehe.

The Simpson Newlyweds

MARRIED LIFE is the bomb-diggity! That might be a cliche but it really is an awesome experience.
Not too long ago, I ran into Stephen D., a high school friend of mine at Michaels. He claims he had a childhood craving and was looking for "wooden plane" he can setup. Anyways, we chatted for a bit and marriage was brought up. He said that he couldn't believe I was married and that he can't see himself being married anytime soon. Of course, I protested, "Why not? It's the most joyful thing. I recommend it to everyone!" He looks at me with a grin and said, "Right, because you have such an experience being married for only a month" My point is, marriage can be a scary thing actually it is a scary thing- it's one of the biggest decisions in your life but in reality, once you've se your heart and figured out the right reasons why you want to marry, it can really be a BLISSFUL experience. And although, Brian I have only been married for almost 2 months, we know we still have LOTS to learn but if we put the Lord in the center of our lives and live each day with a purpose of loving each other more, then I know that we can make it!

Brian and I have been MIA since the wedding and we even hardly see our families. But I think we're gradually coming out of our nook. So world, please be nice :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

         Yesterday, I went to my second job interview at Memorial Hospital 

So the top part of this blog was created on 04/05/2011. I meant to finish it but you know.. life happens. Anyways....

      I am scheduled to have my Orientation on Monday (May 9th) then, I officially start my job as the Education Assistant on Tuesday. I can't even express how excited and nervous I am. With this job, it will be more of a career because I hope to someday be a Education Director. So my goal plan is:

1)Education Assistant 

2) Nurse

3) Education Director

       With that said, I need to make it clear that my dream job really is to be a MOTHER. Especially in our world now a days, I think mothers are the best nurturers of the future generation. If children are taken care by their mothers at such a young age and are given much love and care, and are taught good manners and morals, don't you think our world would be a better place? Imagine just how rewarding that calling is---to be a mother of Zion. I suppose you can say that I love children and I plan on (hopefully if it's the Lord's will) to have a big family. So that they will always have each other to hang out with and trust. That's one thing I love about my siblings. I know I can always count on them and I want my own family, my own children to have the same experience. Ah! I just can't wait to be a mom to my future children that will look like the combination of these two human beings:
Baby Grace

Baby Brian

I didn't expect this to be a tribute to mother blog but it seems to be turning out that way. In celebration of Mother's day, it would by my honor to present you the mothers in my life.

Nancy "Mama"
  • Caring mother
  • Patient wife
  • Great cook
  • Hardworker
  • Amazing budgeter
  • Generous
  • Sincere

Doneen "Mom"
  • Mother of my future hubby
  • Soft- spoken
  • Sincere
  • Caring mother
  • Loving wife
  • Talented

And of course, my one and only Apo <3
Natividad "Apo"
  • Took care of me  (most of my childhood)
  • Super nice
  • Always thinks about others before herself
  • Religious
  • Generous
  • Loving grandmother
  • Caring

      Overall, I feel blessed to have such great women in my life to nurture me and influence me with Christ-like values. I look forward to hearing more of their stories and their wisdom as I grow older and try my hardest to be as good of a mother to my children as they have exemplify to me. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

101 Things To Do In Your Life Together

I found this pretty sweet like from Target: Club Wedd. I know I have previously made a bucket list but I like how this is specifically for couples.

  1. Build a fort in your living room
  2. Watch a Black & White movie marathon
  3. Do a home improvement project with your neighbor
  4. Build a tree house in your backyard
  5. Watch a meteor shower
  6. Perform a duet in a record store
  7. Play a complicated practical joke on your partner
  8. Make your own artisan cheese
  9. Have a spa day at home
  10. Have a food fight
  11. Camp our for concert tickets
  12. Walk everywhere for a day
  13. Play a game of flag football
  14. Throw a Black Tie dinner for two
  15. Apply Feng Shui to your house
  16. Perfect your guacamole- making skills
  17. Make a mix CD for each other
  18. Get lost on purpose
  19. Map your family tree
  20. Take dance lessons
  21. Write a note to your future grandchildren
  22. Go backyard bird watching
  23. Kidnap him for a play date in the park
  24. Go sky diving together
  25. Go on a health kick together
  26. Book a trip and travel in the same day
  27. Karaoke while yo ucook
  28. Cook everything from A-Z

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sara Willis Photography

       Yesterday, Brian and I had our engagement session with Ms Sara Willis and her wonderful assistant/ best friend Kelsey. It was pretty fun and laid back. I can't even express how excited I am to see the outcome of it!
Kelsey and Sara

       We originally planned on starting at 10 am but Brian's laundry was still in the dryer and I still had to pluck  my eyebrows. So, we moved it to 11 and even then I don't think we started until it was 12 because Sara and Kelsey were cool enough to help Brian and I pick our outfits for the session.
       Weather- wise, it was a gloomy day. Mr. Sunshine hid behind the thick gray clouds and the Rainy Tracy decided not to pour either but eventually I actually liking the overcast weather.
        So, we decided to hit up St Augustine beach first. And because of the weather, it was pretty empty compared to the usual jam-packed sunny, tanning, surfing, swimming people at the beach. The wind was strong but nothing was going to stop us from doing the session anymore not even the rain! haha
Castillo de San Marcos
      Anyway, we're going to have to wait for when the photos are done so I can actually talk about the pictures. But pretty much I believe we did about 800 or so photos just at the beach then about 200 more when we stopped by Mango Mango's, Stir it Up, and St Augustine downtown.
The Love Tree
       Before we went d-town, Brian took us all for lunch at Pizzalleys. And because of the weather (and spring break), everyone was at St Augustine d-town. There were so many people that we got to seat upstairs and it felt like we were on a road trip. It was pretty sweet.
       At downtown, since there were so many people, we didn't stay there for that long. We headed towards the Castillo de San Marco. I love my town! It has so much history and I think it's romantic minus the tourist. We showed them the infamous Love tree as well. Then we went to ride the carousel and took a couple of pictures playing in the playground.
       We were planning to do a paint fight but because I've neglected to buy paint and we we're running out of time, we decided to call it a day.
    Overall, it was fun (at least for me). We probably exhausted Sara and Kelsey but they were definitely a good sport. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer and assistant. Thank you so much for your patience and help as we move forward towards the big day. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone.
     Please check out to see some of her work.
I'm not sure if Sara knows this but we actually had this photo published on a wooden photo panel. I used it as a gift to Brian when he was still in Oregon. It has definitely helped us through some tough times. 

Once again,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


       Blogging is pretty much a necessity tonight as I lay here in bed trying to get some sleep. Tomorrow morning, I will be working for our CEO so, I definitely will have to be up and going bright and early. 
I have FINALLY finished the Hunger Games trilogy!

       The third and last book, the Mockingjay was rather depressing yet captivating. It has kept me up all night because it was either too sad/ gory and I didn't dare go to sleep and have it be part of my dreams- more like nightmares, or it was way too good to put down. Either way, there is definitely a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of sadness and rejoice as well. I have read a book! It's been sooo long since I have actually read a book page to page. I literally have taken that book every where I went (as in everywhere, you name it). 

So, by finishing the book-----a book, I feel pretty sweet. With that note, I do feel a little bit sad knowing that that was the last book. Now, I am left assuming and making up the rest of the story in my head and have to move on to another plot and characters. However, I do like how the end was happy. I would tell you about it but then I would've just spoiled the story. But, I just can't help and feel sad. Maybe it's because of the ending too. I don't know. Anyway, so now I am released from that trilogy and I can focus on finishing my next book--- The Book of Mormon